Patient care

One of the most important conditions for a speedy recovery is individual, caring, and patient-oriented nursing. Our professionals with up-to-date training can make an essential contribution.The consistent orientation to the highest standards of nursing goes without saying for our staff, and has long guaranteed top quality nursing care. The Kerckhoff Clinic also strives continually to improve nursing concepts. For example, we are involved in a pilot project to estabish guidelines that will contribute to bed-sore prevention. Apart from the actual professional nursing care, our staff members are also conscious of the need to give patients a feeling of security and comfort.


Modern pain management

A central theme in our nursing concept is to provide patients with optimal pain management after their operation. We apply the so-called "expert standard pain management in nursing" consistently and effectively. The aim is to mobilise our patients as soon as possible after an operation. This encourages healing and recuperation after surgery.Our palliative treatment includes administering adequate and appropriate pain medication before and during the operation. After surgery our personnel records the strength of the medication at regular intervals by using a pain scale. If the pain exceeds a certain level or is considered too strong by the patient, the doctor is consulted and immediate pain therapy is introduced. The patient is given a major part in the decision - making concerning - to what extent he/she would like to be medicated for pain. To measure the pain and document the medication consistently and also to be able to assess the patients level of pain and work out the appropriate therapy with the doctors, our nursing staff attends regular training courses to orient themselves to expert standards.


Training courses for staff and patients

We set great store in keeping our staff in step with the latest knowledge. The continuing edcation includes preventive measures, and many special prevention courses are also open to patients and others who may be interested. Our training courses are taught by professional lecturers who can also provide individual counselling to the group members.


Pastoral care

Ministers of both Catholic and Lutheran are available and can make a private visit to your room, if you wish. Interdenominational services are held at various times in the so - called “Quiet Room” of our clinic. This room is also open to interested patients, their family members and visitors outside the times of services.


Care and treatment

The more than 1400 staff members at the Kerckhoff Clinic have made it their aim to ensure the best possible care and treatment of all patients. Our employees are the guarantors of highest Quality care and maximum patient-satisfaction. We support our staff in achieving these ends by offering a comprehensive continuous on-site training program in all disciplines of our clinic. About 65 sessions per year offer further education to Kerckhoff Clinic staff members in all their different fields. This encourages the motivation and dedication that are necessary to cntinue providing our patients excellent care. It is not only the excellent training of individuals, however, but also - and more importantly - the seamless cooperation of many professional groups, such as nursing and medical staff, that accounts for our excellence. Intensive Training and regular conferences and sessions for the staff in all disciplines ensure that cooperation and coordination between the different areas are developed, mutually acceptable standards are defined and treatment methods are agreed upon. The core of this philosophy is the realization that only if nursing and medicine as well as technology and personal attention are considered to be complementary can excellence and patient-oriented care be achieved. It is only in this way that we have achieved results of outstanding quality, e.g. in wound management or emergency treatment, which we in the Kerckhoff Clinic can document.

Quality and safety are guaranteed by expert knowledge

An independent committee, the Federal Office for Quality Control recently certified the top performance achieved by the Kerckhoff Clinic. It documents that the Kerckhoff Clinic has one of the lowest rates of mortality in cardiac surgery nationwide. We manage to mobilize the patients so that they can get up on the first post operative day in 86 % of the cases. The national average is only about 41%. This high success rate is largely attributable to our many years of experience as well as the great number of patients who are treated here. The foundation laid in this department resulted in the development of the non-stressful but effective techniques employed by the anaesthesiology department. In 92 % of the cases, Kerckhoff Clinic patients can be taken off ventilation support within 12 hours of the operation. The national average is 59 %. Other factors for the excellent outcome in the quality report are our own voluntary quality controls, high motivation, regular training courses for our nursing staff and the good cooperation between departments. The Federal Office for Quality Control attested to the exemplary character of our quality management.


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