Dedicated to science

The Kerckhoff Clinic is a significant driving force in medical  research in Germany today. For that reason it sets great store in cooperation with science. In the Kerckhof Clinic there is a tradition of linking science and the aplication of new techniques in diagnostic and therapy. We aim to treat patients with the most modern scientific methods according to the highest-quality criteria. In 2001, the Franz Groedel Institute was established as a research institute in its own right. Research teams from the Max Planck Society work here with the Kerckhoff Clinic medical staff to reach the cutting edge of research on the genetics and molecular biology of cardiovascular disease.

There are close historical and personal links to the Kerckhoff Institute. In close cooperation with the universities of Giessen-Marburg and Frankfurt/Main, a new Max Planck Institute was established at the Kerckhoff Institute in the immediate vicinity of the Kerckhoff Clinic that focuses on cardiac and pulmonary research.

The close connections to the Kerckhoff Institute induced the Kerckhoff Clinic to make a financial contribution to the construction of the new Max Planck Institute in Bad Nauheim. This institute is the core of heart, pulmonary, and rheumatic research in central Germany. Many patients will benefit from the medical progress and new insights provided by this unique research institute.


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