Heart attack network

About 1,500 people in our region of central Hesse suffer a heart attack every year. The first sign of chest pain signals a race against time as the patient has the highest chance of survival and recovery if he/she is treated without delay by a specialist in a catheter laboratory who performs a targeted dilation of the blocked vessels. This can only be ensured if there is a rapidly functioning and unbroken chain of life-saving measures as well as immediate therapy in a specialized clinic.

Dedicated physicians at the Kerckhoff Clinic have established a "heart attack network" that includes the emergency services and hospitals in the area. This network ensures that all heart attack patients can be treated without delay in a heart catheter laboratory in accordance with the best standards. The average time between the first contact with an emergency doctor and the dilation of the vessels in the laboratory is only 69 minutes. The Kerckhoff Clinic specialist teams are available 365 days per year round the clock and can be reached not only by ambulance but also by helicopter. This model has become famous and has been emulated on a large scale on account of its success.


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